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June, Early July Pics

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Corn plant, early-June. Check out the big Xtra bucket! That stuff was cheap I almost want to use it again ha ha ha. But now I am a die-hard 7th Generation convert.

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I sowed these from pinto beans I got at the grocery store!! They are growing well, Yay!


The blackberries are growing well and they are delicious!


Me sitting on one of my 'pondering' stumps. I like to sit out there in the early morning with a nice cup of tea and ponder the true nature of space and time..and gardening.


My sons beside the garden, kinda weeding. :)


the apple tree went into bloom last month and we have little apples! It's too early to eat any though, they are very sour at this point. By the end of the month they will be green apple sweet.


Going to see my dad

I am not going to the AMC after all, I'm going to run down to Cincinnati to see my dad. As regular readers know he has prostrate cancer which was being treated pretty aggressively with chemo and radiation. My mom just called me to say they want to do surgery now, tonight. The cancer was medium advanced but it's growing quickly to other parts of his body. I feel so sad, my dad did not want to be cut and in fact was looking forward to a new treatment next week.

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New Logo and Improved Mailings

Oh my! I haven't been updating on this goal very much lately. Ok what's new: new company logo and I'm caught up on mailing stuff out! I also have a new intern/assistant/whatever who is helping me to write some PR, so stay tuned.

See more progress on: grow my business

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Biking with Brian

My husband is an avid biker, down to the real biking bike and the shorts and special shoes and all. I've been thinking about taking up jogging again and he suggested taking up distance biking with him instead. He said it wouldn't hurt my knees and would tone my legs. I was hesitant. I've tried his bike out before and I fell on it. It's not a regular bike but the kind they use for racing, with the high seat and the clips in the pedals you lock your shoes in and stuff. I fell on it just trying to ride it regular style without the clip shoes.

He got himself a new bike as a graduation present for finishing his master's and kept his old Cannondale for nostalgia as he has had it since he was a teen. I put him off for a few days. Then yesterday he asked me to go biking with him, and looked so disappointed as I wavered I said yes. He grinned and I immediately regretted it! But then I told myself, Just try it. You don't have to like it, but just try it.

First off he tries to get me to wear some spandex biking shorts! Oh. NO. My husband is over 6 feet tall and I am 5 feet 6, but I have bigger thighs than he does and a much, much bigger and rounder rear end. He claimed the padded shorts helped prevent soreness from the seat. I responded that I had natural padding, thank you very much. He sighed. I accused him of wanting me to wear them just so he could make fun of me. He sighed again and said of course not pinkie swear. I said ok fine. I put them on, and I looked ridiculous! There was NO WAY I was going out the house in those. I wore loose jogging pants, a fitted tee, and an old pair of his biking shoes. He made me roll up the leg on the chain side of the bike.

Finally we were ready to go. The kids were over my MIL's house, thank goodness. He helps me get on the Cannondale in the garage, clipping my feet into place. I steadied myself by holding onto the garage door for dear life. Then he makes me unclip and walk the bike to the street. Then we clip on again. Or rather he clips on his bike and instructs me how to clip on without assistance. He clips one of my feet, jumps on his bike and tells me Come on! Just push off and clip the other foot in. He made it sound so easy. So I tried doing just that, and promptly fell over screaming Brian! Brian! I wasn't hurt or anything and it was kinda funny; I lay ther cracking up. So he comes back, helps me up, clips both my feet again and we are finally underway. After just 5 minutes I want to go home and get my regular bike, but I decide to stick it out.

After another fall and near-miss with a stop sign, I finally learn how to get on and off and clip my shoes into place unassisted. I even feel confident enough to speed up a little. I learn how to sit so that my arms aren't supporting all my upper body weight. I learn how to clip out fast and stop, and how to turn. I can see how this could be fun. I watch my husband's face as he instructs me, and he is so happy. He talks non-stop throughout our ride, which is unusual as he is normally not very talkative. I get it, this is a deep source of joy for him, this kind of biking. He is so proud when I am able to clip on and off without assistance, and cheers me on when I speed up.

When we get home I tell him how much fun I had. I thank him for his patience with me. He smiled and said I had fun too. Soon you will be racing down the road with me! and kissed me gently.

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