MSPmedia is an independent publishing & production house run by me, Trula. I write & publish books, produce music and videos. New for 2011! I will be making teeny shows or mini-movies of various MSPmedia projects and putting them online.


More Books

Children’s Books




I’m working on a CD of songs I made up for my children over the years. Mama Songs is coming soon: Mama Songs


Aerobic exercise for mothers interested in fitness and nutrition. DVD includes behind the scenes and other extras. Produced March 2010: Supple Mama DVD

Teeny Shows

Teeny shows line-up will be posted shortly!


I’ve found blogging to be a way to keep writing consistently on various books and zine projects. It’s part of my creative expression that helps me understand myself and connect with other people who like what I write. I write nearly every day one one of these blogs or the other; the frequency depends on the subject matter, my schedule, and how I feel. I’d love your comments & participation!

Seed & Flame
Trula Kids
Earthy Style
Dread Mama
Supple Mama
Brian & Trula
Texture Bookstore


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  1. Erin Lynn Cook says:

    Hi Trula,

    I just received my copy of Futuristic Motherhood and it’s lovely! Thank you for the publication. I’ll be purchasing more after the holidays.

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