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The name of this division was inspired by the children of MSP founder Trula Breckenridge, who love to read.


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Trula Kids is for children. We focus on books for children and the Trula Kids zine includes jokes, game ideas, and coloring pages. For children 12 and under. Do you teach at or operate a club, program, or school for children? Select wholesale rates when ordering books via mail order, phone, or online.

Here are all the products in this category:

Trula Kids Zine

Zine for Children. -- $ 4.00
Fifi the Leaf Book
Kindergartner befriends fall leaf on her way to school. -- $ 5.00

Ricca the LadyBug Book

Toddler befriends a ladybug in his home. -- $ 5.00

Squiggly the Roach Book

Baby befriends a roach in his home. -- $ 5.00