Writer`s Guidelines - Submit your writing

We really appreciate your interest in writing for Mama Specific Productions! We seek to fill our zines with reader submitted work. Please familiarize yourself with the divisions of Mama Specific Productions, we are more likely to publish your work if it fits with what we discuss. It also helps to write about what you know and/or have researched well that relates to our zines.

Queries: A query is a one-page specific description and outline of your article or book. You can send a query asking if we might be interested in your work via postal mail or email.

Length: The length of your article or essay is not a big concern, but please try not to go over 5,000 words. We will edit and cut if we need to.

Formatting: Double-space your work and leave margins for notations. When submitting an electronic file, please save your article as a Word Document and e-mail it as an attachment. You can also send a disk or CD with a text-only file saved on it. And of course we accept hard copy submissions via snail mail. Keep a copy of your article as we do not return submissions. If you want your submission returned and sent us a hard copy of it, please also include a SASE (self adddresed stamped envelope). Also include a brief biographical sketch at the end of your submission so that we can print it if your work is used. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address on the first page of your manuscript, as well as your name and the page number on each subsequent page. Include your phone number and e-mail with all correspondence.

Photos: Please inquire about photos before sending with your work. If we do accept photos, they can be sent electronically or by mail in the form of prints or slides. Please do not send the only copy of your photos!

Payment: Please do not send us an article that you have already submitted elsewhere unless you have had the article returned or have heard that it is not going to be used. We are paying for First North American Rights. We pay $25 for each accepted essay, article, short story, or poem. We pay upon publication for one-time use. You retain the rights to your work after publication. In addition to payment, all authors one copy of the issue in which their article is published.

Reply: We are working hard to get Mama Specific Productions in shape, so it may take a while to get back to you. Currently we read and respond to articles in about four to six weeks of receiving them. This can be a long time to wait, especially if you are eager for a reply. Please be patient. Contact us if you wish to inquire about your manuscript before hearing from us.

How to Submit: E-mail: anika@MSPmedia.net
Mail: Anika Viola, Managing Editor, PO Box 110393, Cleveland, OH 44111