Host a Book Signing - Help Trula Come to Your Town

We try to make hosting easy for you!

Be one of the many people bringing Trula to their town.

1. Complete the "MSPmedia Signing Form" Word Document and email it back to us:

2.We'll come up with a price based on your needs and other info and email you back. If you are a bookstore or other retailer your cost is zero! We split any book sales with you 70(us) 30(you). Prices for speaking engagements, workshops, and other events vary.

3. Download and pass out/post flyers in your area!

4. Enjoy the event!

Trula Says:

A lot of people email with comments on my writing (which includes loving it or hating it), questions, requests, and invitations. I do have a public email address, you can reach me at Bear in mind that I work very hard as a mother, writer, and activist, with my responsibilities to my children being my #1 priority. If I fulfilled all requests put to me, I would never have time for my babies or my writing. Incoming email does actually go to me, though, and I will try my best to get back to you in a reasonable manner.

This is a small indie press and along with 4 other people I do basically everything; I will answer messages of a business nature, such as event bookings, media interviews, reprint and copyright questions, translations, and queries on my online workshops, and so on. I also appreciate questions/comments of a technical nature about this web site as I am constantly striving to improve and increase my website design skills. If something on the site is jacked up, let me know and I will fix it by the next site update. If you are especially nosy (ha ha ha) or want to know more about me, you can check out my personal section on this site which includes waaaaaaaay too much Trula Trivia, like my bio, tons of photos, weight loss battle, and my old blog which covers my bout of sickness and almost divorce. I am truly, truly grateful if you don't add me to your mailing list without permission, send me porn or other spam, or email me to tell me you don't like my makeup or hairstyle. Yes, people have actually done that.

Booking an Event with Trula Mama

I am happy to consider invitations to speak, teach workshops, lead mothering circles, talk to your mothering class (does your school offer a teenage mother program? does your hospital offer a childcare class?), and stuff like that. Please email a brief, specific proposal directly to me, and if needed, ask for my fee schedule and list of topics. I'll have both on the site as soon as possble. Your proposal doesn't have to be all formal, but please be concise. You know, the basics: who you are, what the event or class/workshop is, when it is, where it is, why you want me there (ok you can leave that off; you want me there because I am fabulous!) and stuff like that.

I receive a lot of requests, and many factors go into creating my final calendar, the main one being what's going on with my kids. During the school year I try to stay close to home and I only schedule weekend events. I am definitely more flexible during the summer months. Large event organizers usually pay my travel expenses and provide meals and hotel/motel room; however I am flexible and don't mind bringing my own grub and crashing at a safe person's house when dealing with a small indie biz or non-profit organization. Now though I appreciate earning money from speaking and teaching workshops, I also do free events as long as I can sell stuff at them (I gotta make some money, right?).

So don't let money stop you from asking me to come through, I certainly know what it's like to have a limited cash flow as a business or organization and I'm willing to work with you. Remember, it may take time to get a definite answer to your book signing or other event request! Please be patient and keep in mind that I have 3 children, one of whom is a teenager, to keep up with, provide for, and take care of. Being a mother is my life's work. I am sure you understand, and I appreciate your wanting me to come to your bookstore, workshop or other event! You rock! Trula reading a part of the Girlmom Play by Lindsay Rock at MamaGathering 2004 Frequently Asked Questions concerning Book Signings, Events, Etc.