Frequently Asked Questions

1. Yes, Mama Specific Productions was founded in August 2000 by Trula Breckenridge and her husband, Brian Lynch, and registered in the state of Ohio, USA. The company is now exclusively owned and managed by Trula. Brian still helps a lot. Our publisher ID for ISBN purposes is 0-9749480.

2. Find the book, zine, video, or other product you are looking for by browsing through our catalog. Once you are on the page of the book/zine/video you would like to purchase click the "Add to Cart" button. You can continue adding stuff to your shopping cart until you are ready to check out, at which point you can click the "Check Out" button on the shopping cart and finish processing your order. You can pay online via Paypal or credit card (Visa, MC, and Amex) or pay by mail with a check or money order.

3. Yes, we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on all products as long as you return the product in good (gently used, don't return my stuff all torn up) condition.

4. Each book page will have excerpts posted, please check back soon.

5. That's fine, simply continue through the ordering process until it asks you for a credit card number, then simply choose "check" or "phone" as a payment option and we will receive your order electronically. You can then give us your credit card number over the phone, or write us a check or money order, and as soon as we receive payment, we'll ship your order.

6. You can purchase all our products on this website. You can help get our books and stuff stocked in your favorite indie bookstore by asking them to order from us, and/or sending us contact information.

7. The Mama Books are currently available, our first line of children's books will be available March 2005. You can check our calendar for our publications schedule for 2005.

8. We want to develop partnerships with distributors and retailers everywhere. Contact us if you are a retailer or distributor and wish to sell Mama Specific Productions stuff in your store.

9. Right now, no. Once we sell out previous policy has been not to print any more. However in the new year we will have back issues available, please check back soon.

10. We still own those domains, however we no longer have the various divisions at different websites. The domains now point to information sections on this website.

11. We are primarily a home and web-based operation and currently looking for office space near downtown Cleveland, Ohio, preferably the west side. Know of a good place at a reasonable rate? Send us a note!

12. Right now we are not hiring. We do, however, need freelance writing, and yes, we pay $25 for accepted work. Please check our submissions page to find out how to submit.

13. Booking info will be posted soon, for now you can email Trula with your request. If payment terms and schedule are ok we'll hook it up.