Stop Military Recruiters from Calling Your Child

Hidden within Bush`s No Child Left Behind Act, is a provision that requires public high schools to report secondary students personal information to military recruitors. The purpose of this personal student directory is for military recruitors to be able to call, mail, and visit your kids at home. Schools are required to hand over this information or risk losing federal education funds. The only way for you to avoid having your child be recruited at home, is to send an "opt out" letter, in writing, to your school district`s superintendent. is educating parents how to keep their children`s privacy secure. In order to "opt out", you need to find out who your school district`s superintendent is, write them a letter, mail it, and then follow up with the district to make sure that your child is opted out. A letter must also be sent to the Pentagon, who has an updated list of all 16 to 25 years olds, including name, address, email, cell numbers, social security numbers, ethnicity, and areas of study, for purposes of military recruitment. The Pentagon updates this list daily and sends it to military recruiters monthly. If you write to the Pentagon, they will move your child`s information to a "suppression file" and not release it. Go to for assistance with printing letters, finding out who to send them to, and learning more about educating people about this little known provision of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Donate to Help Hurricane Victims

We`re looking at both the largest natural disaster in US history and the most acute refugee crisis. You can almost think of them as separate, monstrously unmanageable problems. What they have in common is that both will cost a tremendous amount of money.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army have volunteers who are trained and ready to respond to these situations. They will bring volunteers from the entire nation to the Gulf Coast, and their procedures and experience will save lives and alleviate suffering.

What these agencies require to run is money. We can help so much by doing nothing more than clicking a few links, entering some information, and donating money electronically. That simple act will translate into targeted and efficient relief for people in desperate and terrifying situations.